Yashwantrao Free Colony Scheme for VJNT People.

A rural woman standing outside her house.

Government Resolution No: HS: 2020/Circular No.७३/VJNT-1/Date: ११ January, २०२१.pdf(300 KB)

Government Resolution No-2011/Circular No-111/VJNT-1/Date: 12 August, 2014.pdf(165 KB)

Objectives of the scheme: -

  • Bringing deprived castes and nomadic tribes into the mainstream of development. Raise their living standards, increase their sources of income, give them stability.

Terms of the scheme: -

1) Beneficiary families should be from the deprived category of nomadic tribes and livelihood by roaming from village to village.

2) The annual income of the beneficiary family is Rs. Must be less than 1.20 lakhs.

3) Beneficiary family should not own home.

The nature of profit

  • To create a colony for 20 families in rural areas. To provide facilities like water supply, electricity supply, septic tank, gutters and roads to this colony.
  • Beneficiaries who have their own space and have not availed of any housing scheme of Central and State Government till date, can avail the benefit of this scheme.
  • The scheme should be implemented collectively if sufficient space is available in rural areas and individually if space is not available.
  • Efforts should be made to provide the benefit of Sadarhu Yojana to the beneficiaries of Sadarhu community collectively or individually in every district of rural areas.
  • Benefits are also given to individual beneficiaries under this scheme. Grants of Rs.1.30 lakhs are given to the beneficiaries in hilly areas and Rs.1.20 lakhs are given to the beneficiaries in general areas.

Contact: -

Assistant Commissioner of the concerned district.


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